BIRDS. Flying. Being free like a bird. BIRDS not only is a brand, but incorporates the way of life of the us as the founders. Together with our friend and winegrower Manuel Brixius, laid the foundation for the BIRDS product line. As passionate globetrotters and wine enthusiasts we had the vision to combine German wine production with characters from all over the world. Since then BIRDS stands both: for modern wines from the homeland and also for unique craft spirits made from wine – inspired by adventures from around the world. Always with the aim to make every moment of gusto, a special experience with friends. 

The BIRDS spirit and wines creators as an illustration.. From left you can see winemaker Manuel Brixius, Lupo Porschen, Basti Fischer and Julian Fichtl

7th-Generation Quality

Manuel Brixius, who took on the family business in 7th generation in 2016, knows the vineyards like no other.

Handcrafted in Germany

The small winery is located at the Central-Moselle and features numerous steep slopes, which require tedious hand picking of most of the grapes.

Fits every moment

The Birds Wines are true all-rounder for every occasion. This Premium wines have a refreshing, fruity aroma and evolves with a full-bodied finish.